About Authorized Generics




Go With GREENSTONE—Authorized Generics From Pfizer*

All generics are bioequivalent to the brand (meaning they work in the same manner when given in the same way and at the same dose) and meet FDA's quality and manufacturing standards.

Authorized Generics are made by the manufacturer of the original brand-name drug, but they do not use the brand name on the label and may have a different marking on the medication and, in limited circumstances, a different color.

Generic drugs are bioequivalent to the brand and meet the FDA's quality and manufacturing standards. They may have certain minor differences from brand-name products, such as different inactive ingredients, and may be a different color, shape, and size.1

*GREENSTONE provides Authorized Generics from Pfizer as well as other manufacturers, in addition to some generic products.


GREENSTONE Authorized Generics carry the legacy of the brand-name product's years of clinical research, data, and patient and physician experience.

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