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GREENSTONE LLC—your partner for generic medications

Founded in 1993, GREENSTONE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer Inc, one of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical companies. GREENSTONE offers a comprehensive and diverse product portfolio of generic medicines, covering a broad range of therapeutic areas.

GREENSTONE’s portfolio includes authorized generics that are generally made and sold under the new drug application (NDA) of the brand-name drug. Authorized generics are identical to the brand-name drugs in their dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, performance characteristics and intended use.1 GREENSTONE authorized generics are typically the same size, shape, and color of the brand-name drug.

With a focus on understanding the customers’ structures, goals, and needs, GREENSTONE makes it a goal to build trusting partnerships backed by service excellence. GREENSTONE is committed to delivering reliable generic medicines along with quality and value to its customers.

GREENSTONE offers a wide range of services, including

  • Molecule and customer sales strategies
  • Timely communications on market observations
  • Product and customer communications
  • Commercial launch and supply chain management
  • Pricing analytics
  • Rebate administration
  • Operational services

To learn more about how GREENSTONE’s products and expertise can benefit your company, contact us or search our comprehensive product portfolio of generic medicines.

Unlock your brand’s unrealized potential: don’t let loss of exclusivity lock out your brand

The Business Alliances Team at GREENSTONE provides extensive industry experience in generic medications to extend the life cycle of your brand.

Since 1993, the Business Alliances Team has helped secure earnings for innovator brands facing patent expiration. With extensive contacts—plus proven sales and management expertise—the Business Alliances Team has established a trusted name in the generics industry.

With the Business Alliances Team as your partner, your brands can be supported in a number of areas. Our Business Alliances Team has

  • An accomplished team of sales and business professionals
  • Extensive industry experience in extending the life cycle of your brand

GREENSTONE can help develop, enhance, and extend the life cycle of your valuable brands.

Reference: 1. US Food and Drug Administration. Generic Drugs: Questions and Answers. Drugs. Updated January 7, 2015. Accessed May 6, 2016.