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Pfizer Is Committed to

Reducing Climate Change

Mitigate Climate Change

20% REDUCTION in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 2012 to 20201

By increasing energy efficiency and implementing clean energy projects, we have successfully reduced GHG emissions, and we will continue to strive toward further reductions1

Minimize Product Impact

Minimize Product Impact

15% REDUCTION in waste disposal from 2012 to 20201

From discovery through disposal, we are minimizing the environmental impact of our processes and products across the supply chain—for example, finding innovative ways to reduce our packaging and new opportunities to recycle1

Manage Water Supply

Manage Water Supply

5% REDUCTION in water use from 2012 to 20201

By continuing to assess our global water footprint through use, reuse, and recycling, we are managing water resources in a more sustainable way1

Reference: 1. Pfizer Inc. About Pfizer's green journey. Accessed May 7, 2019.